Oxygen Infusion Facial

This amazing treatment can literally breathe new life into your skin. Using pure oxygen and a unique rejuvenation serum, Oxygen Infusion Therapy not only provides immediate and visible results to all skin types, but can continue to improve the overall health, texture, hydration and elasticity of your skin

This treatment will brighten, lift, calm, and infuse essential nutrients for healthier skin no matter what skin type, color, or condition. It detoxifies & brightens skin for Serious Results resulting in promoting collagen production, speeding cell turnover and instant glow!

How Oxygen Infusion Works:

Skin for Life’s Nue Skin Oxygen is a unique delivery system using advanced product technology. Our professional Oxygen treatment skin care products are the main focus for skin change. We use chemistry to promote an assimilation of a pure oxygenated environment, which assists skin cells to thrive and proliferate for a healthier life.

Through the use of our Oxygen Infusion equipment, we use 21% oxygen (the same as we breathe) and a psi between 10 – 15 to disburse a consistent air flow that sprays a mist of our Oxygen Infusion + activator phase 2. The activator interacts with the natural enzymes within the stratum corneum which become the catalyst for breaking down the Oxygen Infusion + activator phase 2 into pure oxygen for each skin type, condition, and color.

It is the most effective way to interact with the skin and have the skin cells become a part of the process for longer lasting results.

After an oxygen facial, you can expect to see a more refreshed and rejuvenated complexion. One that makes you look well-rested with a just-back-from-vacation glow. The oxygen facial is perfect for all skin types when you want to look your best without any downtime

Formulations are designed and produced from validated and clean ingredients. Our ingredients are safe, effective, result oriented, paraben free, and never tested on animals