Weightloss & Nutrition

Clinical & Functional Nutrition

Consultation & Evaluation One hour Evaluates for toxicity, deficiencies, hormone imbalances, chronic inflammation

Nutrition Fitness & Weightloss

Rather than tell you you have to eat this, or you can’t eat that, we will look at your current perception of what a healthy diet is, and discuss where you could perhaps be making better choices. We will examine your likes and dislikes, and set some realistic goals to getting your diet on the right track, and get you started on a new lifestyle that YOU can live with to give you the fitter, leaner, healthier body you desire. This is not “a diet”, this is eating for life.

Medical Weight Loss

1st visit: Includes: EKG, Complete Bloodwork, Consultation, Weight, Analysis, Injection and Prescription (w/ normal EKG) Plan of treatment will be given upon evaluation